Monday, February 12, 2007


I've received a surprising amount of emails in regards to who I am, what I do for a living and why I blog. In my posts I often just provide vague details in regards to my personal life and my adventures in the world of finance. It's not that I'm exceedingly paranoid about handing out my personal information on the internet, it's that I like to maintain blogs that are less personal and more content driven. So whenever possible I opt to provide factual information about a subject, versus on myself.

For the curious my name is Ed and I am 22 years of age and living in the great frozen state of New Hampshire. Due to situations beyond my own control and my own youthful ignorance I and my partner in crime are about $20,000 in credit card debt. I currently hold two jobs, one as a part time associate as Bed, Bath and Beyond in Hooksett, NH and another as a full time executive-virtual-assistant to two real estate agents. My days typically consist of writing and working from home, and my nights typically consist of busting my hump moving stuff around an occasionally busy store.

My hobbies, when I can manage time for them mainly consist of writing and reading. I also have a soft spot for animals, who are really my only vice. I care for two cats, four ferrets, two birds and a Corgi Sheltie mix. All of whom partake in a sort of cold war, seeing who can capture and retain my attention the longest.

I plan to go to school for an associates degree in marketing once my financial situation has improved. My immediate goals include paying off my outstanding debts, improving my credit and purchasing a home that I can be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Perseverance Ed...
You can achieve what you set your mind to, just hang in there! I know when your young, you want things to happen fast, but sometimes things take a bit of time to work out. Just keep you heart and mind open to opportunities. And start your day with gratitude and a positive attitude. Smile and persevere...


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