Friday, February 15, 2008

Tax Rebate Calculator

I subscribe to a great many financial advice blogs through my RSS reader. This morning while reading my daily allotment of news and recent happenings I came upon J.D.'s post at Get Rich Slowly in regards to an economic stimulus tax rebate calculator.

I've gathered that a lot of people are curious as to just how much money they're going to receive from this little piece of legislation. Heck, more than half the hits I've received from Google in the past three weeks have been people searching for more information about the topic and what, precisely is the deal with all this money potentially coming this way.

As far as I'm aware this is probably the most accurate calculator to determine how much of a refund you're going to receive. If anyone has a better one, please feel free to share.



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Debt Counter

Bank of America $4,580.18
Providian $5,460.80
Citibank $2,363.90
Capital One $1,270.63
Bank One $1,082.44
Sears $3,854.29
Best Buy $1,631.23
Lane Bryant $238.43
Total: $20,537.65


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