Monday, April 21, 2008

One down, ten to go.

I'm quite happy to report that our American Express green card is now not only canceled, but completely paid off. Yesterday's online payment of $711 knocked it out of the park for good. This line of credit originally had one of our highest balances. This will free up an additional $700 a month to be used toward our next target, our American Express blue card.

Which will end all of our interactions with the soulless corporation known enigmatically as Amex for good. I intend to never take out another line of credit with them again. The way they manage their clients and their predatory card pushing practices has left an astonishingly bitter taste in my mouth. Granted, any person who is forwarded to collections is going to have a couple of nasty words to say, but in comparison to the rest of my lenders they are the bottom of the barrel. Even when I was able to pay my balance in full every month.

The game plan is to squirrel away another grand or so into our savings to build up a bigger emergency fund before bringing the hurt down on our remaining debts.

You're next, Blue Card. Get ready for the wood chipper.


dawn a.k.a iowahippiechick said...

Congrats on wiping out Amex Green!!!

Joan said...

Congratulations, Ed!


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